A recent returnee from abroad has been diagnosed with monkeypox, according to the Lebanon’s Health Ministry.

According to the government, authorities are monitoring the person’s contacts. The first monkeypox case was reported in Israel and the United Arab Emirates in May, while hundreds and thousands of tourists are expected to flock to Lebanon this summer.

Most people experience fever, body aches, chills, and tiredness as a result of the illness. Rashes and sores on the face, hands, and trunk are common in severe instances.

In central and west Africa, smallpox-related illness develops flu-like symptoms before developing a rash on the face and body. More than 30 nations have recorded 1,880 cases of monkeypox this year. 85% of the cases were located in Europe. There have been no reported fatalities.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that people who have monkeypox must quarantine themselves for at least four weeks to prevent the spread of the disease.

There are serious shortages of medicines and medical equipment in Lebanon’s healthcare system, which is in the middle of its worst economic crisis. In a country of 6 million people, 1 million Syrian refugees have taken up residence. These may challenge battling this new infection.

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