Monkeypox spreads, Ivory Coast one of the nations where it is endemic. 

A total of 257 instances of monkeypox have been verified in the lab, and an additional 120 cases have been submitted to the WHO as suspected. 

This is the first time that monkeypox has spread across many non-endemic nations at the same time. The National Institute of Communicable Diseases (NICD) stated in its monthly statement that this is the greatest epidemic of monkeypox outside endemic nations to date.

As far as epidemiological relationships go, the majority of instances have been identified in guys who have had intercourse with other men.

Evidence suggests that massive social gatherings may have acted as “super-spreader events,” according to the NICD.

Several nations in Western and Central Africa, including the Ivory Coast, Democratic Republic of Congo,, Central African Republic,  Nigeria, Cameroon, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Liberia, and South Sudan are home to the monkeypox virus, which is the virus that causes the zoonotic illness.