Monkeypox, a rare but fatal infection, is caused by the now-extinct smallpox virus. The World Health Organization reports that 30 non-endemic nations have reported over 550 cases of monkeypox.

“Investigations are ongoing,” Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus told journalists at the World Health Organization’s Geneva headquarters. “However, the presence of monkeypox in many regions at the same time implies that undetected transmission may have occurred since some time.”

The WHO director-general believes that undetected transmission may have occurred for some time.

Maintain your vigilance

Because the majority of reported cases involve sexual interactions between men, communities are partnering to educate their members about the dangers and preventative measures available.

“However, we must all work to combat stigma,” the WHO director-general warned, urging impacted countries to expand their monitoring to include the wider community. Anyone who comes into close contact with somebody who has Monkeypox is at risk.

The top WHO representative outlined priorities as providing the right information to the most vulnerable people, preventing further spread of the disease among the most vulnerable people, protecting frontline health workers, and furthering “our knowledge” of the disease.

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