Three instances of monkeypox have been reported by Mauritius’ Health Minister.

Local Frenchman and Family Reunion Imvanex smallpox vaccines are currently up for grabs through a tender from the Ministry of Health. “Use the vaccine within three days of infection. a total of two capsules, “a member of the Cabinet.

Positive travelers to Mauritius are escorted to the ENT Hospital as soon as they arrive in the country. All afflicted patients will be treated in a separate hospital unit “A spokesperson for the company confirms.

It has been mentioned in the Ministry that all procedures that visitors to Mauritius from other countries must follow would be revised. People who have a rash, have gone to any countries in the last 21 days, or if they have been in contact with a monkeypox patient or suspect will be required to fill out a form detailing their travel history.

A pamphlet will be given to passengers. “They’ll know what to do if they come down with a virus. Suspects at airports and seaports will be confined.

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