The fourth monkeypox case has been reported by Israel’s Ministry of Health.

The Ministry of Health reported that a 28-year-old man who had indications of a viral illness had just returned from a trip overseas.

According to the Ministry’s statement, a clinical sample verified the presence of monkeypox. Three 30-year-old men have had monkeypox since May 21 in Israel.

Anyone returning from a trip abroad with a fever and blistering rash, or who was in close proximity to someone who might have been affected, was recommended by the Ministry to see a doctor.

Monkeypox is a disease that affects rodents, primates, and people alike.

Some of the symptoms include a rash, fever, headaches, muscle pain, backaches, and swollen lymph nodes.

Scabs are formed by the rash and fall off as soon as the person is no longer infectious.

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