The arrival of Monkeypox in Cyprus, is just a matter of time, says Constandinos Athanasiou, a spokesman for the health ministry.

There has been a second confirmed Monkeypox case in Greece, which indicates that the virus will move to and affect our island when the tourist season gets underway, he said.

He said no major outbreaks are to be expected because precautions against monkeypox have already been taken in Cyprus.

Athanasiou said that “many suspected cases were managed based on such criteria,” albeit none of them were confirmed to be Monkeypox.

Suspected instances of the virus are evaluated at Nicosia General Hospital.

We are ready and the critical services are on alert, with the tracking team ready to go if a case like Covid 19 or Monkeypox is confirmed,’ Athanassiou added.

An ad hoc advisory panel for monkey pox vaccinations and treatments will be constituted in the coming days. Cyprus has already placed an order with the EU for Monkeypox vaccines.

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