Haider Al-Sayeh who is the Director of the National CDC (Center for Disease Control) stated that there are multiple suspected instances of Monkeypox in Libya, however, none of them is confirmed yet. 

Concerning the virus spreading its tentacles into schools, Al-Sayeh said that “it is something which occurs every year, and not just in Libya, but in numerous countries.” He also said that municipal monitoring teams have collected a few samples for testing in the laboratories of the centre. 

Al-Sayeh continued by saying that there are also cases of A and B type Influenza but they are few and far between, posing no danger. Treatment for this is available and has been doled out to the hospitals in the country. 

He indicated that the epidemiological picture for Covid-19 is steady and that no new variants had emerged.

“You might hear that there is a big spread of swine flu, but it is not accurate. Actually, H1N1 influenza has turned into a seasonal virus and treatment for it is accessible to the public.” Al-Sayeh also said that polio vaccinations are available and that the rest of the vaccinations have been government-approved. These vaccines will be provided through the medical supply logistic apparatus in strict coordination with the Central Bank of Libya. 

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