Melbourne and Sydney have confirmed monkeypox cases. In Melbourne, a guy in his 30s returned from London on May 16 with moderate symptoms and sought medical assistance. He’s isolated with minimal symptoms at Alfred Hospital.

Monkeypox is a minor, contagious viral ailment. In recent weeks, dozens of instances were confirmed or investigated in the US, Canada, Europe, and the UK. It’s alarming because the disease rarely spreads beyond west and central Africa.

NSW health officials say a guy who recently returned from Europe has the infection. The 40-year-old man went to his GP with moderate symptoms after arriving in NSW.

Urgent testing was done since his symptoms matched monkeypox. The state’s first monkeypox case.

Kerry Chant, chief health officer, said the virus’s minimal transmissibility shouldn’t create fear. “You need long face-to-face contact,” Dr. Chant added. “Transmission isn’t as quick as with COVID or the flu.”

Dr. Chant said patients should continue to watch for viral signs. It begins with fever and aches. Large lymph nodes, headaches, and fatigue are symptoms” explained. “Then a rash can last 1-3 days. Face rash is common.”

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