The Latin America has confirmed its first two cases of monkeypox virus discovered in two men who have just arrived from Spain. The first case was confirmed in the province of Buenos Aires by the health ministry. At the end of the day, the government also issued a statement reporting another suspected positive case of a Spanish resident who had recently entered the borders of Argentina.  

Argentina has now entered the global list as a participant of suffering from the monkeypox virus. These outbreaks have been especially occurring in countries that are usually don’t witness such situations.

The Health Ministry announced that after conducting the sequencing of the virus, it was discovered that there is a lot of similarity between monkey pox with regions of Western Africa. This is usually the case with novel infections. 

The patients have been revealed to be in good conditions and are being quarantined as treatments are provided for the virus. The first positive case had traversed through Spain from the dates 28th April to 16th May and upon inspection, showed symptoms of monkey pox such as lesions. 

Old close contacts are under inspection and not one has shown any symptoms till now. The second case of the Spanish man was reported on Wednesday and there have been no connections with the first case. That’s patient also portrayed lesions related to the Monkey Pox on Thursday. He has been reported in good health and quarantined, receiving treatment as well. His contacts have also not shown any symptoms yet.

World Health Organization on Friday announced that around 200 cases have broken out in around 20 countries, usually not known for such outbreaks. However, this number looks to be an undercount. 

Spain has been declared as the epicenter with around 98 confirmed cases revealed in the country. On the other hand, the UK has reported around 106 positive cases lead by Portugal with around 74 cases. Other countries that have confirmed cases are Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy and the United States.

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