The sickness known as monkeypox is caused by a virus and is often acquired by people who have been to West Africa n countries. It may also be contracted by coming into close physical contact with someone who has monkeypox. It is often a minor sickness that is described as “self-limiting,” which indicates that in the majority of instances it gets well on its own without the need for treatment and that the majority of individuals recover within a few weeks. 

The following are the primary symptoms: unusual rashes on the face or lesions on the body or in the genital region; fever; aches and pains in the muscles; chills; weariness; headaches; swelling of lymph nodes.

The circumstances as they now stand

An increased number of confirmed cases of monkeypox in the United Kingdom has prompted public health officials to issue a warning to residents of the Isle of Man.

People are being advised to be aware of the symptoms, even though there have been no confirmed instances of the disease on the island and the danger to the general population is still considered to be minimal.

Keep an eye out for any rashes or lesions that are out of the ordinary on any area of your body, particularly your genitalia.

Those who have a history of often switching sexual partners or who maintain intimate relationships with someone they are not familiar with are among the people who may be at a greater risk. It is imperative that the point be driven home that this is not a sexually transmitted disease, nor is it a condition that disproportionately affects any one particular group of people. It may be transmitted by coming into close contact with an infected individual or by coming into contact with their clothes, beds, or towels after they have had the rash caused by monkeypox.

What has to be done :

If you suspect that you could be experiencing signs of monkeypox – no matter how minor they are:

• You are strongly encouraged to phone the GUM sexual health clinic as soon as possible; be assured that your call will be handled gently and in complete confidence.

• Until you are certain that you do not have monkeypox, it is important to refrain from having close intimate or sexual contact with other people.

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