On Monday, May 23, 12 additional Covid-19 positive cases were discovered. As a result, the principality’s health toll since the outbreak of the coronavirus is 12,124 persons.

Tonight, 5 persons are being treated at the CHPG, including 4 locals. There is no one in critical care.There are 16 more treatments. There have been a total of 12,009 persons healed.

This Monday evening, 46 individuals are being monitored by the Home Monitoring Center, which provides medical care to patients who are encouraged to restrict themselves at home and have minor symptoms.

This daily report solely reports residents afflicted by the coronavirus in accordance with World Health Organization and neighbouring nations’ standards in this region.

Screening numbers are also provided by the Prince’s Government. These data are accurate as of Sunday, May 22nd.

• 1569 PCR and antigenic tests were done on resident and non-resident patients between the 16th and 22nd of May, inclusive. • Positivity rate for tests performed on residents and non-residents was 10.6 percent.

• Incidence rate, i.e. the number of positive persons decreased per 100,000 people in the previous seven days: 271 (207 last week).

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