The Moldovan Republic has begun the process of reevaluating its health-care budget. Today, May 19, 2022, was the first meeting of the workgroup responsible for this activity. The Finance Ministry of Slovakia and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Moldova have lent their assistance to the project.

Pre-hospital emergency medical treatment, primary health care, specialty outpatient care, community and home healthcare will be assessed and reviewed during the exercise. Attention will also be focused on care for COVID patients, which is a major concern at the moment. In order to meet the medium-term budgetary and fiscal goals, it will be necessary to suggest strategies to conserve the assigned financial resources.

“We’re looking for ways to cut wasteful, inefficient, and unproductive expenditure on low-priority items while still getting the job done. There should be frequent implementation of the activity of rationalising public spending by public agencies. Expertise and solutions presented during this exercise would be beneficial to the government and its many departments, which includes the Health Ministry, “As Secretary of State for Finance Ion Gumene put it.

By the end of 2022, the health sector’s rationalisation exercise will be complete. A plan for implementing the identified suggestions will be established based on the study’s findings.

To help the government plan and allocate financial resources efficiently in support of national development goals and the Sustainable Development Goals, a review of public expenditure is an important instrument.

As part of a broader initiative to assist a partner, UNDP is providing assistance to Moldova to improve public financial management efficiency.

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