The Ministry of Health (Minsa) conducted a community intervention in the Cercado de Lima as part of the launch of the campaign communication “It tends to depend on us not to let our guard down in the face of COVID-19,” with the goal of continuing to strengthen COVID-19 prevention measures and thus protecting the population. More than 100 people were vaccinated against the SARS-CoV-2 virus as a result of community intervention.

Antigenic and molecular testing, vaccination against COVID-19, demonstration sessions on proper hand washing to avoid this and other infections, and instructional workshops on the usage of masks and their distribution to the general public were all part of the intervention.

Minsa maintains its efforts to decrease the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic by enhancing educational messages through community interventions for the benefit of the population, according to Joel Collazos, team head of the Health Promotion Directorate (Promsa).

In this regard, he recalled that a KN95 mask or a surgical mask must be worn in closed areas such as markets and shopping malls, among others, and that in open public spaces, it is desirable to continue wearing the mask to limit virus transmission.

Collazos further stated that the one-meter physical distance, environmental ventilation, and receiving the full dose of the coronavirus vaccine must all be maintained, especially in light of the recent surge in cases in numerous regions of Metropolitan Lima. “These initiatives also aim to encourage healthy behaviors that lower the likelihood of COVID-19 transmission,” the expert added.

Finally, Dr. Collazos stated that during this activity, more than 100 people were vaccinated against COVID-19, and 60 virus detection tests were performed. He also asked people over the age of 40 who have had their third dose for five months to get their fourth dose at vaccination sites and health facilities across the country.

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