The Omicron variant of COVID-19 is causing an increase in infections in Mexico. Hospitalizations haven’t increased, although this progress has been slower than in the pandemic’s fourth wave, according to health officials on Tuesday, June 21.

Hugo Lopez-Gatell conducted the morning press conference from the National Palace as the Undersecretary of Prevention and Wellbeing Promotion. “What we have discovered over the past nine weeks is a gradual improvement in the situation,” he said. 

According to the authorities in charge of overseeing the pandemic in Mexico, the slow progression of infections shows that the population has a higher level of immunity than in previous outbreaks. However, he claimed that despite the rebound, hospitalizations essentially remained the same.

The most important thing is that, even though conditions are becoming worse, hospitalizations shouldn’t get worse. He stated, “The occupancy of beds with fans is at 1% while the occupancy of basic beds is at 4%.

This indicates that the omicron variety causes a cold, he said, “but with far less likelihood of harm to the lungs, which is what could trigger a severe sickness.”

The officer also said that COVID-19 deaths were handled in a limited manner. The number of deaths has significantly fallen since the second wave, with an average of 5 per day nationwide.

The source added that Mexico maintains its vaccination program, which still addresses late-arriving adults and children over the age of 11. Additionally, he noted that the immunization program will soon begin for children between the ages of 5 and 11; more than 3 million boys and girls in that age group have already registered for the program. She said, “The feedback has been hopeful.

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