A young child in Philipsburg began acting erratically and witnessed a manic episode. When her mother sought psychiatric therapy at the Mental Health Foundation in Cay Hill, she said she had reached a deadlock. Her phone calls went unanswered and the MHF informed her over and over that her child was too small to receive medical attention or be sedated. They also advised her to call the cops.

She eventually had to fly abroad to get appropriate treatment for her daughter. She stated that regardless of age, all patients should be allowed to receive an appropriate diagnosis and medication.

Their 12-year-old (grand)daughter had transformed in the blink of an eye, according to the single mother of one who lives with her mother. She had no idea it was going to happen. Their tiny girl began to walk strangely, weeping incessantly and rolling her eyes at times. They felt she was acting, and would ask her to stop, but nothing happened.

Although the child was academically well, her mother said that she was tormented at all the schools. Despite the fact that she is quiet, soft-spoken, always smiling, and lovely, her peers would take advantage of her.

The mother also iterates an assault by a boy in 2019 for no apparent reason. The school secretary advised her not to intervene when she reached the school. The teacher told her that they would take care of it, but no steps were taken. She felt worried and powerless since she hadn’t heard anything from the school about any actions being taken.

Another time, a peer was constantly harassing her daughter, according to the mother. So the daughter asked her why she hates her, and the girl became upset and proceeded to slam her with slurs. The daughter pointed out the same girl who had been tormenting her on the sidewalk the next day when the mother took her to school. She pulled over to the side of the road and said, ‘Please stop bullying my kid!’ Following this, she received a warning from the school the next day, alleging that she had no right to exchange words with the girl and that it was against the school’s policy. The principal scolded her, arguing that this girl was not a bully. At that time, she decided that when her daughter finished her class, she would not return to that school.

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