Medriva 1ml with Needle 25Gx1” needle (sterile)

Medriva offers a line of low dead volume syringes, both standard and safety, to support medication and vaccination delivery. Our Medriva syringes are engineered to keep patients and clinicians safe at every step, from use to disposal.

How to buy

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3 Parts Syringe

Parts: Barrel+Piston+Plunger


  • Luer Slip or Luer Lock.
  • Sterilized by EO gas, non-toxic, non-pyrogenic, single use only.
  • Sufficiently transparent barrel allows easy measurement of the volume contained in the syringe and detection of air bubble.
  • Graduated scale on the barrel is easy to read. Graduation is printed by indelible ink.
  • The piston is produced by latex material and fits the inside of barrel very well to allow for free and smooth movement. Latex-free with blue color is available.
  • Material for barrel and plunger: Medical grade PP.
  • Individual Pack: Blister Pack/Polybag.

Low Dead Volume

  • Average Value: 0.028 ml


  • The syringe is for single use only and must be destroyed after.
  • Second use is prohibited.
  • Sterility guaranteed if package unopened.
  • Used the syringe immediately after opened.
  • Stored in a cool and dry place.
Feature Benefit
Item Name Medriva 1ml with Needle 25Gx1” needle (sterile)
Item Code CM3S01
Size 1ml
Tip Luer Slip or Luer Lock
Normal Needle 25G x 1”
Gasket Latex
Type Sterile
Graduation 0.02
Expiry Date 5 Years
Plunger Polypropylene
Barrel Polypropylene
Piston Isoprene
Blister (Paper-poly) Paper + PVC Foil
Box Material Paper
Outer Carton Corrugated Cardboard
Box 100 pcs/box
Carton 3200pcs/carton (61.5 x 38 x 48.5cm)

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