Medriva 1ml STD luer lock PFS, Sterile

Medriva’s Glass Syringes (PFS) are designed and developed to meet the stringent and changing needs of the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and biotech industries. We understand the challenges associated with the PFS and also the requirements for a PFS for various therapeutic areas such as anti-thrombotic, vaccines, biotech, and special applications.

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At Medriva, we understand the diverse quality requirements in the pharmaceutical industry. Our state of the art production facility features advanced manufacturing and inspection technologies that are capable of controlling exceptionally tight tolerances, even for your most advanced drug products.

Extremely safe, compatible, and extremely resistant, MEDVAC® syringes are the preferred solution for high-value sensitive injectables drug products. MEDVAC® syringes have been specifically designed to meet the dimensional requirements of auto-injectors and to ensure excellent mechanical resistance when compared to a standard syringe. These durable properties are derived through optimized product handling throughout the entire manufacturing process (no glass-to-glass contact and limited glass-to-metal contact). Advanced in-line inspection technologies carefully check products before release, minimizing the risk of in-line breakages during filling operations and reducing the number of filled rejects. Drug stability is ensured by an ultra-low tungsten level and an optimized silicone-oil distribution along the barrel provides enhanced gliding performance, a key aspect when integrating a syringe into a drug delivery device.

Glass Syringes (PFS)

Broader Use

Biotech drugs are more prone to interaction with the container, which can cause them to deteriorate, limiting their shelf life and compromising treatment efficiency. However, Medriva’s innovative MEDVAC® family ensures these sensitive drugs pass easily through the syringe system.


MEDVAC® features low tungsten residuals and low adhesive residuals, as well as a uniform silicone layer to protect the stability of biotech drugs. Biologics are extremely viscous, so pass through a syringe with more difficulty. This can make administering the drug challenging for patients, but MEDVAC® features a smooth gliding performance and improved drug flow through the needle. The dimensions of the MEDVAC® container are also highly accurate, which means the syringes are easily integrated into auto injector devices, allowing patients to continue their treatment at home.

Your advantages

  • Improved drug stability with an improved extractables and leachables profile.
  • Superior functionality for perfect device fit and smooth self-administration.
  • Short time-to-market via multiple syringe configurations and pre-validated documentation.

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