Medriva 0.5ml Auto-Disable Syringe with 24G x 1” Needle

Medriva’s WHO-PQS AD syringes are recommended for immunization programmes because they are designed to prevent re-use by locking automatically after a single use. They are the best way of ensuring that people receive their shots safely, without a risk of contracting an infection due to contaminated needles.

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Medriva’s WHO PQS auto-disabled syringe with sharp injury prevention is a simple yet effective technology for patient and healthcare worker safety in all aspect – immunization and curative. Following an injection, the plunger is locked and disabled automatically rendering the syringe unusable and the needle is actively covered, so it will not injured the healthcare worker.

Medriva’s auto-disable syringes are already used for various vaccination campaigns including on the current SARS-CoV-2 vaccines.

The product is sterilized by ethylene oxide (EO) gas.

  • Auto disable syringes are used for administering medications using standard and specialised techniques
  • The transparent syringe barrel ensures controlled administration of medication
  • Smooth-glide plunger ensures smooth, painless injection
  • Secure plunger stop prevents loss of medication
  • Clearly legible graduation ensures a safe, reliable dosage
  • The product range includes two models of the auto disable syringes:
  • Auto disable syringes with a spring lock
  • Auto disable syringes with a mechanism separating the plunger seal and the plunger
  • Latex-free plunger seal eliminates the risk of allergic reactions

Auto disable syringe

Product Specification

Auto Disable Syringe 0.5ml 24Gx1″ fixed needle has a disable breaking point in the plunger. When it is tried to be reused after a complete injection, the disable breaking point in the plunger will be broken automatically. There are two inner rings in the barrel. They make the plunger could not return after a complete injection. Auto Disable Syringe 0.5ml 24Gx1″ fixed needle is manufactured for single use and safe for every patients.

Specification of Barrel

Transparent cylinder auto-disable for 0.5ml immunization syringes consisting of cylinder body incorporating 2 internal rings with the following function:

Ring 1 nearest finger grips: Determines maximum permitted volume, and secure protection against refilling the syringe by plunger removal. Re-filling attempts result in activation of the auto-disable function.

Ring 2 Bottom distal end Offers auto-disable feature when a full dose has been delivered.

Specification of Plunger

Transparent plunger auto-disable for 0.5ml consisting of plunger body, auto-disable mechanism, defined breaking point, rubber stopper seat, and finger grip plate.

Specification of Gasket / Rubber Stopper

Injection mould rubber stopper with two (2) sealing lips designed to ensure perfect sealing between the barrel walls, and rubber stopper sealing.

Specification of Needle

The needle shall be made of tubing in accordance with ISO 9626. And needle point shall appear sharp and free from feather edges, burr and hooks, in accordance with ISO 7864.

Specification of Needle Cap

Transparent Cap designed for protecting the needle and maintaining sterility after opening the blister pack prior to use.

6 Specification of Silicone Oil Lubricant

In accordance with ISO 7886-1, the lubricant including the interior surface of the syringes, piston and needle shall not be visible under normal or corrected to normal vision, as droplets or particles.

Product Specification

Feature Benefit
Item Name Medriva 0.5ml Auto-Disable Syringe with 24 x 1” Needle
Brand Name Medriva
Product ref. Ref. ISO 7886-3
Needle size Gauge 24Gx1″
Blister packed Qty. 100 pcs/unit box
Dispatch packed Qty. 1600 pcs/dispatch box
Sterilization Method Ethylene Oxide
Product Classification Class IIa as per MDD/93//42/EEC (Annex IX, rule 6)
Product Shelf life 5 Years
Product PQS Number & category E008/019
Product AD feature Automatically activated on the completion of the delivery of the intended fixed dose

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