Ezol, also known as Butalbital And Acetaminophen Combination (Oral Route)

Relieve tension headaches and improve your quality of life with Ezol. Learn about this effective pain reliever and relaxant, its benefits, and important precautions to take. Regularly consult with your doctor to maximize the benefits of Ezol and ensure your safety.

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Ezol: An Effective Pain Reliever and Relaxant


Ezol (Butalbital and Acetaminophen Combination) is a popular prescription drug used to treat tension headaches, as it works by acting on the central nervous system (CNS). It is available in the form of tablets, capsules, and solutions, and is sold in the US under various brand names such as Anolor 300, Cephadyn, Dolgic LQ, Esgic, Esgic-Plus, Fioricet, Geone, Margesic, Orbivan CF, Phrenilin, and Phrenilin Forte. It is important to note that this drug may become habit-forming with long-term use or when used in high doses.

What is Ezol?

Ezol is a combination of a barbiturate (butalbital) and acetaminophen. Barbiturates enable the CNS to produce their desired effects, thus providing relief from pain. While the drug successfully helps to treat tension headaches, it should be used with caution as it can cause physical dependence when taken for the long-term or in large doses. This may lead to withdrawal side-effects when stopped, with the symptoms of rebound headaches being the first to emerge.


Furthermore, some Ezol preparations contain caffeine, which helps to reduce headaches. However, it can cause physical dependence when taken for a long time, leading to withdrawal (rebound) headaches when stopped. The drug should only be prescribed by a medical doctor and not be taken without proper medical attention.


Taking Ezol in the right dosage can improve one's quality of life considerably. It relieves tension headaches which can cause concentration problems and make it difficult to work, study, or engage in other activities. It is therefore used in cases of migraine and other types of headaches. Although the drug primarily treats tension headaches, it can also be beneficial in treating other types of pain, as prescribed by a medical doctor.


Taking Ezol

For those prescribed the drug for tension headaches, the dosage, together with the duration of taking Ezol, is based on the severity of pain and should be taken exactly as prescribed. To ensure maximum safety and effectiveness, one should:

  • Take the medication with a full glass of water
  • Restrict caffeine intake
  • Avoid taking too much alcohol
  • Do not take Ezol if undergoing major surgery
  • Consult a doctor before taking it during pregnancy or lactation
  • Do not crush, chew, break, or open extended-release tablets, empty capsules, or dissolve granules

Common Side Effects

Patients taking Ezol may experience dizziness, nausea, drowsiness, and other side effects. They should report any severe side effects or issues to their doctor right away.

The Bottom Line

Ezol (Butalbital and Acetaminophen Combination) provides relief from tension headaches. However, while using this drug, one should take caution and respect the prescribed dosage, as well as regularly check-in with their doctor. When used correctly and with medical supervision, the many benefits of Ezol far outweigh its risks.

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