Medical Workers Day is celebrated in Belarus on the third Sunday of June. This year this is on June 19th. Vyacheslav Shilo – the Deputy Head of the Ministry of Health in the country addressed all the medical workers of Belarus in a statement for the Medical Workers Day:

“When it comes to our country’s healthcare system, 103 years is a long time to celebrate. A big thank you to you for your courtesy, patience, and care.

By uniting their efforts, Belarusian doctors have achieved an impressive level of success in spite of the worldwide economic and COVID-19 pandemics.

It is the major goal of Belarusian state policy to offer every citizen, whether they live in a city or a small town, high-quality and high-tech medical treatment.

Some credit is deserved by the president for his tireless efforts to keep medical facilities up to date with the latest technology, as well as to the commitment of medical professionals who have dedicated their lives to helping people stay well.

Union workers and activists are to be commended for their support of colleagues in difficult personal and professional situations. Our young people who volunteered during a pandemic and our vets who helped colleagues and mentored the future generation of medical professionals.

I send my best wishes to all of Belarus’s healthcare professionals and their families, wishing them good health, joy, and continued success in their noble profession. Unity grows stronger!”

Vyacheslav SHILO, President of the Belarusian Union of Health Workers and Deputy Head of the Ministry of Health.

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