Zipline completed its integration with local health systems and regulatory bodies in Nigeria’s Kaduna State.

Zipline and the Government of Kaduna State intend to distribute medical supplies to hundreds of hospitals, improving healthcare. Zipline plans to begin in Kaduna State later this month and in additional Nigerian states later this year.

Kaduna State Governor Nasir Ahmad el-Rufai claimed Zipline transforms health systems. “Today, we’re conducting our first flights to deliver this service to Kaduna State. We’re thrilled to be the first state in Nigeria to implement this unique supply chain. Zipline’s solution is a powerful next step in Kaduna State’s quest to develop a smarter, stronger health system.

Zipline will activate three delivery hubs in Kaduna State, delivering to 500 health establishments. Zipline will supply over 200 medications and vaccinations, with ambitions to grow. Zipline created a COVID-19 vaccine distribution mechanism while collaborating with the Ghanaian government to provide over 1.2 million immunizations. A recent Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation-funded research indicated that Zipline’s immediate logistics system improved the efficacy of Ghanaian health institutions.

The Health Commissioner of Kaduna State, Amina Mohammed Baloni,, said supply chain investments make health systems extra competent, successful, and fair. Today’s flights are a step toward ensuring people in Kaduna State has access to treatment when and when they need it for improved health outcomes and healthier communities.

Daniel Marfo, Zipline’s Senior Vice President of Africa, said instant logistics helps governments and health organisations manage supply chains and reinvent care delivery. Today’s flights put us one step closer to productive, agile systems that serve everyone.

Nigeria is Zipline’s third national-scale business in Africa after Ghana and Rwanda, and its fifth overall.

Dr. Olumuyiwa Benard Aliu, Goodwill Ambassador for ICAO, praised Zipline’s safe, trustworthy, impacting service. Soon, Millions more people will benefit from this match service, according to the company, bringing us closer to a future where anybody can receive anything they need, whenever and wherever they need it.

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