Prior to the protest today, the Minister Of Health has refused any allegations of prejudice on the basis of which medical staff can come in the benefits of standard healthcare. 

Hamilton Medical Centre will see a morning protest carried out by the patient’s fighting against the “discriminatory policies” that determine how the providers are inducted in the SBH list.

The starting location of the protest will be on Wesley Street and will go on till the Cabinet Grounds. There were no justified statements given by the Minister Of Health, Kim Wilson due to the situation being placed in the court ordered process as decided by Bermuda Health Council. 

However, she mentioned that it was the BHeC that was accountable for approval of Standard Health Benefit and there were no approvals yet given for any medical practices. 

“It is deeply regretful that allegations of discrimination have entered the conversation when there a number of businesses that have been approved or denied SHB over the last few years.”

Getting the green light from SHB does not determine any business practicing or giving out services. The SHB is a black and white practice and will not deliver health care for the community.

The root of the conflict rose when in 2019, BHEC refused J J Soares application for Hamilton Medical Centre to give services that come under the umbrella of the SHB. This would let FutureCare or HIP patients to acquire diagnostic measures. 

The application was refused on the basis that the clinic might start to ‘self-refer’ patience and give out any required treatments. This decision was appealed for in the Supreme Court in 2020 by Dr Soares. The Supreme Court agreed to follow through and currently the doctor is allowed to work with approval. 

This statement was again appealed for for by the BHeC and they were granted the application against the court’s decision which has led to another review of Dr Soares application. The case is still pending.

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