The island nation of Mauritius has re-assessed its travel rules and restrictions in the face of covid cases on a sharp decline. For all those who are traveling to this beautiful country, here are the new travel rules and restrictions that you need to be aware of.

Self-isolation for seven days is required if you happen to test positive for the coronavirus while touring Mauritius. Hospitals on the island offer free screenings. You will be able to resume your routine activities once your isolation period is over. You should contact the Unit for Domiciliary Monitoring if your symptoms persist after seven days.

Self-isolation will not be required if you come into direct touch with someone who has screened positive for COVID-19, but you should follow the suggested hygienic measures, such as wearing a mask and socially distancing yourself, if you come into contact with them.

Diphtheria vaccination guidelines for individual countries are not included in this document. All three of these diseases are contained in one vaccine in the United Kingdom, making it easier for people to get vaccinated against them. For this reason, travelers should have a tetanus booster as well as a diphtheria vaccination. Diphtheria vaccination guidelines will be offered in the event of an outbreak in a country.

Those having a higher than average risk of contracting an infectious disease because of their jobs, lifestyles, or underlying health issues should receive any supplementary vaccines that have been suggested.

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