The Minister of Solidarity and Health has ordered the island to implement the precautionary principle. A nation-wide warning has been sent to all health authorities in the region, as well as the creation of a territorial organization in case of a report.

According to specialists, the movement is considerable. To distinguish between a varicella disease’s development and a Monkeypox-type illness in a hurry, the protocol must work. In the coming hours, the health authorities in Martinique will report about all of the precautions taken.

The situation in France is continuing to develop, and as of last week, five Monkeypox cases have been reported, with three in Ile-de-France, one in Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes, and one in Occitanie. Additionally, yesterday two suspected cases were reported.

For adults who are “at risk” of contracting smallpox from an infected individual, the health authorities are advocating an injection. On Tuesday the 24th, the HAS advised a reactive vaccination plan.

The Agency for Health Promotion and Protection has created a campaign plan and case definition in order to search for contact persons. The message is intended for all physicians working in the field of public health as well as local health authorities.

Mosquito repellents, which provide long-term protection, are also available. Mosquitoes might find a host by detecting carbon dioxide (CO2) exhaled from us and finding skin exposed to the air or water. 

Santé Publique has reinforced monitoring of these diseases and recommendations have been passed on to the ARS and healthcare providers by the government.

What are the symptoms of this disease?

A fever is usually present, although it can be low. The appearance of a vesicle-pustular rash in only one push two days after the start of illness signals the presence of shingles. Dryness, scabbing, and healing take place over 2-3 weeks. Face,

If you or someone you know has been exposed to monkeypox, isolation and avoiding contact with other people are advised while awaiting medical help. The Martinique Regional Health Agency, like all health agencies in France, is implementing the recommendations made by the France Public Health teams regarding what to do in order to limit the spread of monkeypox. 

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