Wednesday saw the reporting of 59 new cases of the COVID-19 virus by health authorities.

In the meantime, 142 individuals have been cured of the viral disease, bringing the total number of infected individuals with it to 1,609 at the moment.

During the preceding twenty-four hours, a total of 1,253 swab tests were performed, yielding a positivity rate of 4.7 percent.

Ever since the last national election in 2022, which took place towards the  March end, the Ministry Of health has stopped publishing daily bulletins on social media that show specifics about the disease outbreak in Malta. These bulletins previously provided information about the outbreak.

Data is now being released by the COVID-19 Response Team of the Health Ministry on public health, on an open source database on the platform GitHub. However, certain specifics were not included in the set of data. These details also include number of positive Covid-19 cases  that are being treated in hospitals and the details about people who have passed away.

The island nation of Malta has recorded 94,264 instances of the virus. There have been 91,540 successful recoveries, while there have been 719 fatalities.

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