As of June 10th, the authorities in Malta are continuing to enforce COVID-19-related restrictions on the foreign entrance. Malta has not lifted the COVID-19-related restrictions on foreign visitors.


Since the 10th of June, the Maltese authorities have continued to enforce the international entrance restrictions that were put in place to prevent the further spread of COVID-19. Every tourist above the age of 12 is required to provide a valid COVID-19 vaccine or recovery proof, or else they must submit a negative test result. The authorities will only accept PCR tests that were conducted during the previous 72 hours, and antigen testing that was conducted within the previous 24 hours.

There are just a few domestic limitations in place now. Only on airplanes and in certain hospitals are passengers required to wear face masks.

In light of the findings of the government’s investigations, any and all limitations might be relaxed at a short notice.


Confirm all of your travel arrangements as well as any business engagements. Ensure that you comply with all official guidelines. Observe the national regulations for health and safety. Carry appropriate identification and any other travel documentation that may be required to submit at security checks; maintain a friendly and non-confrontational demeanor with border authorities.

 Continue to communicate with your country’s diplomatic delegation. Make certain that your emergency preparations take into consideration the possibility of more disruptive measures or an extension of the limits that are now in place. If you are having symptoms related to COVID-19, you may want to postpone your trip.

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