Malaysia reported 2,021 new Covid-19 infections yesterday.

This brings the overall number of cases across the country to 4,489,503, with 28,085 active cases.

A total of 26,980 patients are being treated in Low-Risk Covid-19 Quarantine and Treatment Centers, accounting for 96.1 percent of all active Covid-19 cases (PKRC).

A total of 1,048 patients (3.7 percent) are in hospitals, with 15 in unventilated critical care units (ICUs) and 24 in ventilated ICUs.

A total of 3,162 patients were released yesterday.

Meanwhile, on the day before yesterday, Covid-19 took the lives of three more people.

Two individuals died in Johor, and one person died in Pahang.

35,641 individuals have perished since the pandemic began two years ago.

A total of 70,784,541 Covid-19 vaccinations have been delivered since the vaccination campaign began last year.

Vaccinations for adults aged 18 and above have been completed in 22,972,623 cases, with 16,078,909 adults receiving booster shots.

A total of 2,909,039 children aged 12 to 17 have completed their vaccines.

Vaccinations have been given to 1,111,499 kids aged 5 to 11.

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