A three-day formal visit by Ted Chaiban, the Global Lead Coordinator for the COVID-19 Vaccine Delivery Partnership (CoVDP), has begun in the nation.

CoVID-19 vaccine coverage will be accelerated through Mr Chaiban’s participation in high-level engagement meetings with government, development agencies, and other important stakeholders to promote the acceleration of vaccination coverage.

“During this trip, I’ll also be introducing Malawians to the New Partnership for the Delivery of COVID-19 Vaccines. “Together, we will assess the deployment and development of the COVID-19 immunization program in Malawi, get insight into the primary barriers to scaling up the program, and suggest entry points and solutions to address them,” he added.

“Malawi is in a precarious position. At the same time as COVID-19 is on the rise in Southern Africa, the government is also dealing with outbreaks of cholera and the very first wild polio case since 1992 in the country. To combat COVID-19 in the immediate term whilst ensuring that the country is better prepared for future public health catastrophes, “we are looking into ways in which we could unite resources,” he said.

It is expected that Mr. Chaiban would meet with non-governmental and civil society organizations, religious leaders, health care providers, and other stakeholders. He’ll go to Kasungu district to see how the District Health officials are implementing important COVID-19 immunization programs.

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