Malawi will host the 29th African Regional commission certification (ARCC) for the eradication of Polio from June 6th to June 10th, 2022. The site of the summit is the International Conference Center in Lilongwe. 

On June 7th, the health deputy minister, Enock Phale and Rose Leke who is the ARCC chairperson inaugurated the meeting. 

A wild poliomyelitis outbreak was proclaimed in Malawi on February 17 after the viral type was confirmed. This was the reason why Malawi was chosen as the host nation for the ARCC meet. This happens to be the first instance of wild poliovirus in the country since way back in 1992. It is also the first region to have a reoccurrence of wild poliovirus after the eradication of the virus in 2020. 

The agenda looks to inspect the certification reports for six countries- Ethiopia, Nigeria, Malawi, CAR, DRC and Senegal. The ARCC secretariat reports will help track the progress made in eliminating polio in African countries and the continent at large, as well.

The Deputy Minister of Health said, “We are executing several tactics to deal with the present wild-poliovirus outbreak in our country. Additional suggestions from the RCCA will help guide our country’s future efforts to eradicate the circulation of wild poliovirus and avoid future outbreaks.” 

When it comes to polio eradication efforts, the WHO delegate for Malawi says the ARCC meeting is crucial because it gives a venue for nations to exchange their experiences, and the commission provides advice that informs country policies and actions.

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