There is a new representative for the WHO in Malawi, Dr. Neema Rusibamayila Kimambo. On June 1, 2022, the Honorable Nancy Tembo, the Foreign affairs Minister of Malawi, received the next WHO country representative’s letters of commission. Lilongwe’s Foreign ministry was the site of the presentation.

When asked how she felt about working in Malawi, Dr. Kimambo replied she was “thrilled” and “delighted.” This is a time of disease outbreaks and public health crises that have affected the Malawian healthcare system. WHO reaffirms its commitment to delivering that health services are uninterrupted and that we start rebuilding stronger and more resilient health systems together” with the support of the national, regional, and global WHO leadership.

According to Malawi’s Foreign Affairs Minister, Nancy Tembo, WHO plays a critical role in offering technical and administrative leadership in the field of health in Malawi. flWHO is helping Malawi deal with floods, cholera, polio, as well as coronavirus. She said. “As Malawian citizens, we really appreciate the World Health Organization’s consistent support of our country, as well as its efforts to align with our national and global goals.” 

A Pediatrician and senior healthcare specialist Dr. Neem Rusibamayila Kimambo has a distinguished career spanning over two decades in Tanzania and abroad. Doctor of Medicine from the University of Dar-es Salaam, Master of Medicine in Pediatrics and Child Health from University of London, then School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, and a Master’s in Public Health from the University of London.

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