Madagascar has left the World Health Organization following the COVID-19 scandal. Madagascar’s President, Andry Ranoelina, has withdrawn his country from the World Health Organization.

 “Europe has formed organizations with the intention of keeping Africans dependent on them. Africa has developed a cure for the coronavirus, but Europe feels it has a monopoly on intelligence and refuses to acknowledge it. As of today, we are no longer a member of the World Health Organization.” he said.

After Europeans hacked the cure, Madagascar President Andry Rajoelina reportedly stated that the World Health Organization (WHO) paid him $20 million to incorporate poisons into his coronavirus cure, known as CVO.

Andry Rajoelina warned, “Beware, the World Health Organization, which we thought would aid us, is out to kill Africans.”

Madagascar, much to the anger of huge Western corporations and their globalist agencies, announced this treatment – the CVO – in April 2020. The following day, we announced the availability of an anti-Covid-19 treatment:

“My country, Madagascar, discovered a natural treatment, Covid-Organics, based on artemisia, against the coronavirus, but Europeans offered me $20,000,000 to include toxins in this remedy to slaughter my African compatriots.”

“I urge all Africans not to use their coronavirus vaccine since it is lethal; instead, if you are sick, come to Madagascar; my country is happy to welcome you. Our treatment is yellow; do not purchase the green one; the green one is from Europe; the Europeans hacked our remedy, adding toxins to solely kill Africans with the vaccines that we detest.”

 “So share this knowledge because it is urgent because they have hacked our cure, and I want other Africans to know this,” he concluded.

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