The COVID-19 situation in mainland China will improve, according to Ho Iat Seng, the city’s secretary for social hygiene. “The overall picture in Macau is stable,” Chief Executive Ho said.

He did say, however, that the changes in the epidemiological situation in Mainland China had resulted in a significant drop in visits. As a result, the local economy is under a lot of stress, and the government has come up with a variety of ways to ease that stress.

Macau’s economic recovery might be boosted if limits on the prevention and control of pandemics at borders are gradually eased, Ho Iat Seng said, according to a statement from the Government Information Bureau of the Macau Special Administrative Region.

“I clearly sensed the strong support of the Chief Executive and the Macau SAR government for my efforts as deputy director of the Liaison Office,” Zheng Xincong stated.

“The Liaison Office is committed to working with the SAR Government to ensure that the interests of the populace are protected,” Mr Zheng said. It is important, he said, for the Liaison Office to continue working closely with the Government, as this will help him in his role as director of the Liaison Office.

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