The Japanese government mentioned on Tuesday that visitors to the country for the next two years will be necessary to wear masks, must have private medical insurance, and always have a chaperone with them.

tourists only will be admitted during the reopening’s first phase beginning on June 10th, As per the Japan Tourism Agency (JTA). Masks are required for visitors who are accompanied by tour guides from their own organizations.

“Tour guides must frequently remind participants of infection protection measures, such as wearing and removing masks,” the JTA said in its guidelines.

At all times, masks should be worn by everyone.

Nearly all non-Japanese citizens are now barred from entering the country because of the pandemic.

Taking a cue from other nations, Japan has begun easing the COVID-19 restrictions. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has made it clear that the country’s borders will be brought into line with those of the rest of the developed world in the future.

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