Last year in Luxembourg, more than 13,700 individuals contributed blood. World Blood Donor Day fell on Tuesday. The Red Cross recognized its many donors while aiming to entice new individuals to give blood. As the population is rising, the count of contributors has remained constant, suggesting demand.

The Red Cross’s Blood Centre isn’t short on blood, but its reserves can run low at particular intervals, said the director Andrée Heinricy.

“This may happen during an epidemic outbreak. For example, a lot of contributors contracted Covid or cancelled their appointments because they were in close contact with an infected person. Also, contributors are usually less accessible during vacations. So, as we get closer to summer break, we’d want our supplies to be replenished.”

As hospital demands rise, there is an increasing need for contributions. First-time contributors can schedule an appointment where their erythrocytes are examined and they must complete a questionnaire. They then meet with a physician to see whether they are qualified.

A single complete donation holds 475ml and takes between five and ten mins. It isn’t any more painful than a typical blood test. Plasma, platelets, and red blood cells can be taken from a donation and used for a variety of purposes. This indicates that each donation may benefit up to three individuals.

The main cause for individuals giving is to assist others. Finding additional contributors means educating people on what a donation means and quelling their concerns about it. Thus, young lawyers set up booths with information in collaboration with the Red Cross at the Cité Judiciaire on Tuesday.

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