Vaccination rates against coronavirus are low in Iran, with only 16 percent of children aged 5 to 11 protected, according to a health official on Saturday.

ISNA quoted Hosseini as saying that a new Covid-19 peak could occur in the next three months, according to the news agency.

When 75% of Iranians receive the third booster injection, he claims, the virus will no longer be present in the country. 

Currently, more than 150 million shots have been administered to 85 million patients.

The third booster injection against respiratory disease has been administered to around 27.6 million people, although the vast majority have declined.

One Covid patient died in the last 24 hours, increasing the total to 141,350, according to the Health Ministry on Sunday.

One hundred and sixty-three persons were infected, and 23 of them were hospitalized, according to CDC data. Almost 7.2 million Iranians have been diagnosed with coronavirus since the outbreak began.

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