Lithuania concluded the COVID-induced “extreme situation” last Sunday, revising the pandemic’s management plan, according to the Health Ministry.

The decision was made following a sustained drop in the frequency of fresh cases including hospital admissions. Lithuania has likewise obtained a COVID-19 immunization rate of above 80 percent.

“We are not declaring that the sickness is gone. It is under our control.” The Deputy Health Minister said on the national radio and television show. 

Most indoor facilities in Lithuania have already abolished the obligation to wear a face mask. Masks were only required in hospital and healthcare facilities, and on public transportation, prior to Sunday.

Masks will no longer be required to be used in any indoor spaces starting on May 1.

Self-isolation will also no longer be obligatory even if the person tests positive for Covid. The length of a patient’s sick leave will be determined by their family doctor based on the patient’s condition.

Infected people’s contacts will no longer be surveyed by the governments Public Health department. Coronavirus outbreaks will, however, be investigated by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

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