Southeastern Liberia’s health workers, united under the banner of the “Southeastern Health Workers Network,” began a go-slow action on Wednesday, June 1, across the area.

A two-month-old attempt by the dissatisfied healthcare practitioners to raise their concerns with the Health Ministry and other government agencies has been fruitless, they claim.

There has been no improvement in the situation, despite the healthcare workers’ claims that they discussed their concerns with major players in the industry.

As part of their petition, healthcare professionals are urging the central government and its partners to address issues like as wage discrepancies among health workers and the continual withdrawal of their pay.

They Nurses with diplomas, associate’s degrees, bachelor’s degrees, and doctorates, as well as physician assistants and some other healthcare professionals who work around the clock in Grand Kru County say they are underpaid.. They get  by on $250 a month.

Many institutions have too many volunteers, which they say is making the work unproductive because they don’t get paid at the end of month while pensioned employees are still unemployed.

Their statement stated that these and other issues continue to have a negative impact on the regional healthcare system.

Workers say they will only resume work if the government addresses the issue of equal pay for all health care workers with same qualification, attractive salaries for health workers in remote areas compared to urban areas, and the integration of volunteer health workers into the system and the unnecessary deductions.

Until the government finds a need to address these issues, all hospitals and clinical personnel will stay in their residences as of this date.

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