Ramadan Abu Jannah, the Deputy Prime Minister of the Libyan government and also the Acting Minister of Health, launched the very first electronic management system for medicines yesterday. 

On the occasion of the launch, the Prime Minister showed his thanks and appreciation to the General Information Authority for their part in the project implementation. He also stressed his government’s keenness to provide support for the health sector and also for achieve comprehensive coverage of health. 

The Health Minister clarified to the media that e-medicine stock management would effectively contribute to supply control, storage, and distribution of medical supplies, along with provision of an integrated mechanism that would lead to e-tenders accessible through the national network of data. 

The e-management system for medicines will also allow for the exchange of statistics and information, helping the concerned decision taker to provide medical care for citizens. 

This system will provide for a comprehensive mechanism of the pharmacy management at the Health Ministry in regards to the distribution as well as the dispensation of medical equipment and supplies in tune with the medical supply system. 

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