With UNOCHA, I completed the health sector section of the Period Monitoring Report.

Under the Humanitarian Response Plan HRP, the budgetary envelope for the Health Sector was reviewed and approved. Financial requirements and targets for the HRP extension revision in 2022 have been revised.

Using the 4Ws data, I collected and processed the quarterly healthcare sector time based report for April 2022.

OCHA’s Libya Human Need Monitoring Indicators have been updated.

At the EMRO level, the heath clusters reaction monitoring indicators have been updated.

Indicators for the OCHA Health Industry Emergency Response Plan have been updated.

The interactive dashboards for Libya’s health sector response have been updated.

Prepared and distributed the first version of the WHO turn the situation for the first quarter of 2022.

MHPSS Technical Taskforce 4Ws dashboard has been updated.

Data from the quarterly Epi COVID-19 newsletter for April 2022 as well as the week EPID bulletin for Week 1 were collected and analyzed.

Prepared the April 2022 Health Sector Bulletin and a mid-month health sector operating update for May 2022.

Prepared and published flash alerts on health-care-related threats, as well as updating the worldwide SSA dashboard.

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