Liberia’s first record of Siamese twins after nearly 8 years have passed away in Voinjama, in Lofa County. 

When the boys were born on June 11th, their chests were linked, drastically decreasing their chances of life. They expired on June 13th. Approximately 75% of Siamese twins share at least some of their internal organs. Nearly two-thirds of the connections are based on shared legs, genitals or hips. 

The likelihood of a successful separation varies according to the nature of the link. When two babies are born who are physically connected, they are referred to as Siamese Twins. They are formed when a single early embryo divides just partially to produce two different beings. In most cases, this embryo will produce two babies; nevertheless, they will be physically linked at the abdomen, chest or pelvis. 

The last time this happened in Liberia was in 2015, at the Joana Maternity Clinic in Monrovia’s South Beach neighbourhood on Center Street. The twins, on the other hand, did not survive a single day.

As soon as they were born, President Weah had directed Health Minister Wilhelmina Jallah to bring them to Monrovia so that they and their mother could make a decision on the next step. 

“The health authorities exhausted every attempt,” a government release stated. It is extremely rare for a mother to give birth to conjoined twins. When it came to ensuring the twins’ life, the Liberian government was determined to gather all the resources and stakeholders necessary, both international as well as national to carry out the survival procedure. 

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