The vaccination and treatment protocols were widely disseminated following the announcement of possible monkeypox cases in Lebanon.

According to infectious disease expert Dr. Naji Aoun, the smallpox vaccination has an 85 percent success rate in preventing the illness’s spread or reducing its symptoms after it is contracted.

In an interview with MTV, he said that if a person had the smallpox vaccination as a child, he or she must have a blood test to see if the immunity rate is poor or robust.

Re-vaccination is essential in the event of weakened immunity, contrary to popular belief that a person only has to get the smallpox vaccine once in their lifetime.

Vaccines are not available in Lebanon, according to Dr. Aoun. Places designated for it may be located in the United States as well as Europe.

As a result, he urges persons who have been exposed to monkeypox to seek medical attention from an inflammatory disease expert in order to determine the full extent of the illness’s effects on their bodies.

Patients with poor immunity might have to be hospitalized to get the meds they require for therapy, he claims.

Isolation is complete when the patient is free of signs like cough, sores on the body and fever.

Dr. Aoun notes that the techniques of protection are the same as those prescribed for the prevention of the Coronavirus, namely hand washing and wearing a mask.

As with the Coronavirus, Dr. Aoun is confident that Lebanon’s healthcare sector can stop the spread of Monkeypox because the prevention methods are identical.

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