Latvia is seeing a decrease in Covid-19 figures, there have been 80 new infections that were reported on an average in the last few days. This equates to 1% of the infected at the peak of the pandemic. In this regard, the highest daily average that was reported in Latvia was back in February 14th

Ever since the coronavirus pandemic hit its shores, Latvia has seen 825,107 infections with 5808 covid related deaths till date. 

As far as vaccination is concerned, Latvia has administered 2,889,300 doses of vaccine till date. Assuming everybody needs 2 shots, it is seen that Latvia has managed to cover 75.5% of its population which is a good job done. 

In the last week, Latvia was averaging at 194 doses of vaccines each day, which means that at this rate another 1971 days will be required to give vaccinations to the next 10% of the population. 

Latvia needs to stay on its toes to complement its excellent track record of rate of vaccinations.

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