A total of 122 fresh COVD-19 cases were reported across the country, compared to 96 new recoveries.

Belize now has 1,154 active cases and 179 samples awaiting further investigation.

The hospital admissions remained the same at five, and no new deaths were recorded.

53 fresh cases appeared in mainland Belize District in which Belize City added 36 new cases, with the rest of nine in San Pedro Town.

Dаngrigа filed 19 fresh cases, 6 in Sаrаwее, and one in Норе Crееk among 29 in Stann Creek District.

Fourteen came from Cayo, and among them, there were 6 in each of Greater Belmopan and Sant Elena.

Eleven new cases in Orange Walk, one in Corozal and Toledo reported 5.

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