The revelation that the AG (Auditor General), Dr. Matsebula, was examining the scarcity of medicines at RFM Hospital in Eswatini, where there is a lack of some medications has sparked concerns amongst citizens. 

Despite initiatives by the Health ministry to enhance its stock controls, the scarcity of medical products and drugs was a consistent challenging issue in the public health system in the kingdom since the beginning of time. This is despite the fact that the Ministry of Health has been working on the problem.

As a result of this ongoing problem, medical professionals have submitted petitions to the government in a number of different instances. In these petitions, they have expressed their concerns as well as outlined the fact that, among many other things, they are now issuing prescriptions rather than providing adequate care to the general public as required by their oath of service.

It has been reported that RFM Hospital is experiencing a severe scarcity of medication. As a result, the medical staff there has begun providing patients with prescription letters so that they may purchase the medications from retail pharmacies.

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