According to the Ministry of Health, no cases of’monkeypox’ have been detected in the country, and various sectors of the ministry are closely monitoring the disease’s progress at the global level as well as taking most necessary precautions to keep the disease from entering the country, according to Al-Rai daily. According to European officials, more than 100 instances of monkeypox have been identified in Europe, “mostly among homosexuals.”

According to health officials, “the immunisation against smallpox is one of the most fundamental vaccinations in the country,” and “scientific data reveal that this is 85 percent useful in preventing monkeypox.” According to the reports, “monkeypox varies from Corona virus in that its symptoms are quite obvious, making it simpler to track contact with an infected persons and segregate those people who are afflicted.” Because the present smallpox vaccination can help defend it if required, no scientists expect the infection to become an epidemic like the coronavirus pandemic. The sickness does not spread as quickly as (SARSCove- 2), and they entirely rule out this possibility.” While COVID gets transmitted via the respiratory system which makes it very contagious, monkeypox does not. 

Monkeypox is a rare illness that first occurred in isolated parts of central and western Africa in rainy tropical woods, although a number of nations throughout the world have reported cases, with symptoms including fever, muscular soreness, swollen lymph nodes, and rashes.  The WHO declared the previous day that it was collaborating extensively with European nations that had confirmed cases of monkeypox. As of now, Portugal, USA, the UK, Australia, Sweden, Israel, Belgium, Italy and Spain have reported cases of this disease. 

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