According to Al-Qabas daily, thousands of citizens and residents have visited vaccination clinics over the last several weeks, with 17,000 allegedly taking the second dosage in 37 days between April 19 and 26th May. In excess of 56 thousand took the third booster shot over the same time frame.

Restrictions on commercial, social, cultural, and other activities have been lifted, and the general epidemiological conditions have stabilized, pointing out that increased health consciousness and the national vaccination campaign in late December 2020 played a major role in reducing the ramifications of the Covid-19 pandemic in the country.

People who want to receive Covid 19 vaccine doses today (Sunday) should go to the Health Center at Fintas instead of the medical clinics, according to sources. This is due to the low turnout and low proportion in the Al-Ahmadi health areas, according to the sources.

 With regard to the latest data on the “Corona” outbreak in Kuwait, 53 infections were registered, one of which was a patient in intensive care and four of which were in virus-infected wards. There were no deaths due to complications from the virus.

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