In Anatolii Vladimirovici’s office, the one and only child microsurgeon throughout Moldova, we learned a lot about the physicians at Chisinau Children’s Hospital who specialize in treating Ukrainian war orphans.

“The plight of the Ukrainian migrants is one of tragedy and misery. At our hospital, we attended to 40-50 children every day when the conflict in Ukraine broke out on February 24. According to the chairman of the department, “Today, thanks to God, there’s less.”

Six Ukrainian youngsters recently had surgery in our traumatology and microsurgery section. Although they had previously been treated elsewhere in Ukraine, they had been planning to return when the conflict broke out, so they were sent to the “Ignatenco Children’s Hospital” for further treatment. It goes without saying that the moms of all the little Ukrainians felt overjoyed and appreciative.

There are a lot of Ukrainian refugee children with war-related traumas, and the physicians in this area are doing their best to ease their suffering by offering comforting words, humor, or even a small toy. A floodgate of Ukrainian poetry and music begins to open up among the students.

The director of the department states, “We try incredibly hard to encircle them with care, love, and comfort.” He is confident that the influx of Ukrainian families fleeing to Moldova will slow down. What I really want is for the spate of human grief to slow again, so that tranquil living can replace it. In my capacity as a doctor, I aspire to make a difference in the lives of as many kids as possible.”

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