Mr. Bounpaeng Phoummalaisit, Minister of Health; Mr. Keoudon Butsingkhon, Deputy Governor; Ms. He Yongli, Representative of Kofi in Laos, were present at the handover ceremony of the Coverage-19 Laboratory (COVID-19) between Kofi (KOFIH) or Korea Foundation for International Health and Khammouane on June 4 at the Khammouane Provincial Hospital.

This structure is a single-story structure with a reinforced concrete structure, steel roof structure, seapack roof, epoxy concrete reinforced concrete floor, seven staff rooms, one storage room, one bathroom, and one bathroom, as well as an air conditioning system.

“Although in the past, the condition of covid-19 has badly affected the world and has had many consequences on the socio-economic, cultural, and cultural traditions of our doctors and nurses in general,” said Mr. Kanchan Thongsavath, Head of the Provincial Health Department. There were 3,913 cases in Khammouane province, 1,862 of which were females, 3,872 cases of cure, and 31 cases of death, 16 of which were females.

Mr. Bounphaeng Phoummalaisit handed over the building to Khammouane Province, and Mr. Keoudon Butsingkhon also handed over the building to the Department of Health and the Provincial Hospital in order to protect its life, maximum benefits, and five goals at the crucial occasion.

During the ceremony, ten ambulances were donated to the provincial hospital on behalf of the Medical and Rehabilitation Center to provide more convenient facilities for medical staff and patients.

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