Kenyans are being encouraged to wear masks as the country prepares for a new COVID-19 epidemic. According to Dr. Francis Kuria, Director of Public Health at the Ministry of Health, the positive rate has been rising since early May, peaking at 5.6 percent and averaging 3.3 percent every week.

Dr. Kuria suggested that Kenyans use face masks. We are concerned about the rise in COVID-19 levels. “When a segment of the [Covid-19 containment] constraints was released, the positive rate was roughly 1%, and it was only 0.1 percent at the beginning of May, but today we have a weekly average of 3.3 percent and a maximum of 5.6 percent.”

Kenya lifted the mask requirement in early March, with Health Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe stating that the use of face masks was no longer compulsory in open public settings, but masks were still urged for private meetings. He also declared the return of full in-person worship for those who have been vaccinated.

The positivity rate has risen since the beginning of May, hitting a high of 5.6 percent and a weekly average of 3.3 percent. The masking requirement was removed in Kenya in early March. Late in April, experts warned Kenyans not to relax their vigilance in the face of the sixth wave of COVID-19.

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