A 26-year-old man was admitted Thursday with monkeypox symptoms.

The hospital spokesperson informed that a Nepali citizen was hospitalized by the airport health workers.

The man has fever and rashes for a week. Hospital director Dr. Manisha Rawal said, “We’ve isolated him and started free treatment.” “The Health Ministry will conduct further investigations.”

One in 10 people infected with monkeypox die. At least 39 countries have reported the disease, which is common in central and West Africa.

 Fever, swelling, headache, exhaustion, body pains, exhaustion, and itchy face, hands, and feet are the symptoms.

As the disease spreads through close contact, experts recommend self-isolation and good hygiene. Next week, the WHO’s emergency committee will decide if the monkeypox outbreak is a public health emergency.

The UN health agency is deciding if the outbreak is a “potential international health emergency.” As with Covid-19 and Ebola, such a declaration would accelerate research and funding to contain the disease.

WHO has confirmed 1,600 monkeypox cases and suspected 1,500 more. As surveillance expands in countries where monkeypox is rare, more cases are expected. Following the suspected case on Thursday, doctors at the Ministry of Health and Population decided to send specimens to the World Health Organization’s collaborating center in India for confirmation.

Public health experts say authorities shouldn’t underestimate the risks of the rare viral infection, even though most people recover within weeks. Due to high mobility, any disease can spread to Nepal, they say.

Thursday afternoon, the infectious disease hospital admitted two cholera patients. Patients with more than 30 bowel movements since midnight were taken to Kathmandu Model Hospital, where stool antigen tests confirmed cholera.

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